Emily Dickinson's I Felt A Funeral, In My Brain

Sadness, hopelessness, desperateness are described the bad feeling. How many people can describe that feeling? However, Emily Dickinson –one of the greatest poets in American- showed her feeling by poems with strange ways and
“I felt a Funeral, in my Brain” is a poem, which is showed clearly expression feeling. As I said, she created her poems with strange way and this poem is also created with this way. “I felt a Funeral, in my Brain” uses a funeral to illustrate her feeling. However, it is not a real funeral, but it is just her imagination and it happens lively in her brain. Sounds, movements, and spaces affect her feeling. She isolated with every people accepted her family so I think she is a negative people and she is kind of people sensitive with anything happens around her. Thus, she understood sadness, hopelessness and desperateness more than any one. The author describes her madness with the sound of the mourners, the drum, the sound when they lift a box, the bell. Besides that, she uses some words to emphasize the way
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Actually, I never had this feeling before, thus I do not know exactly what she feels. However, the more I get older, the more I feel stress. Dickinson is the people who isolated with every people accepted her family and her poetry was founded by her sister after her death so she invented poetry to describe her mind, her feelings. Besides that, I like the ending of this poem. If this poem is a light, so the ending of this poem makes me feel like the light gets darker and darker from the beginning to the ending. The author finished the poem with the mark “-“ instead the mark “.” and the word “then”. It seems she wants the reader can open their mind and give the answer from him or herself. Therefore, the reader can continue the poem with the way they like to finish

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