Emily Dickinson 's Writing Skill Essay

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Emotions of an individual changes as fast as the weather changes in a storm. There is the happiness of sunshine, the anger of thunder, the worry and doubt of clouds, and the sadness of rain. Emotions are an important part of every moment of happiness or conflict. Emily Dickinson was a successful poetic writer during the 1800s, but she is constantly studied in the modern times because of her great writing skills. One of Emily Dickinson’s popular writing skill is her expression of emotions in her poems. The description and representation of emotions by Dickinson are what make her poems extremely interesting and unique. Just like the Iceberg Theory, Emily Dickinson adds more excitement to the poem by allowing a reader to personally infer the same emotions the narrator is feeling rather than just stating how that the narrator is feeling pain, happiness, sadness, etc. Emily Dickinson uses diction, imagery, and symbolism throughout “Behind Me--Dips Eternity” to express different stages of emotion before an individual reaches endless death.
Diction is used throughout the first stanza in “Behind Me--Dips Eternity” by Emily Dickinson in order to introduce the emotional and physical position the narrator is in at this point in his or her life. Dickinson uses words such as “Behind” and “Before” in order to represent the narrator’s difficult position between the ending of life and beginning of death. The narrator is able to directly portray his or her experience of not being able to…

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