Essay on Emily Dickinson 's The Total Count Falls

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Emily Dickinson, an American poet, has written hundreds of poems. The total count falls just short of 1,800 (Roberts 735). Obviously, she wrote on many topics. Two of her most frequent topics are love and death. While love and death may be very common themes in many people 's writing, they are ironic themes for Dickinson for several reasons. Dickinson was never married and never had an open relationship in her life, but she did go through many deaths. This makes it ironic that she still wrote about love as though she had experienced it every day, and wrote about every death, including what she thought her own would be like.
Dickinson wrote many love poems, but she never had a relationship that has been verified. However, rumor has it that she had two relationships in her life. The first relationship was with a man named Reverend Charles Wadsworth. They met on a trip to Philadelphia. He visited her house in 1860 and she could not stop thinking about him. He then left for the West coast and it is believed to have caused her great heartache in the following years (A Guide ). Another love affair she is rumored to have had is with the widower Judge Otis Lord, one of her father’s friends. She was very flirtatious with both men; she wrote a letter to Lord one time saying, " 'No, ' is the wildest word we consign to Language" (Pak). This shows that despite never being married, she still had a flirtatious and wild side.
Even though she never had an open or verified relationship, she…

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