Emily Dickinson 's Success Is Counted Sweetest Essay example

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Poems are a mystery. Poetry is often overlooked due to complexity of meaning behind the literal aspect words. Throughout time, like many things, poetry has evolved to a certain extent. In fact, the majority of classical poetry is composed in the close form. For example, some of the most famous poets such as Emily Dickinson used the closed form style. A closed form poem follows rules, such as having a specific number of syllables measured by heavy or light stress syllables and units of measure. On the other hand, other poets like Emily Bronte and Maya Angelou use the open form poetry, due to its flexibility and spontaneity. Open form poetry does not necessarily rhyme and does not have a consistent meter. Correspondingly, open form poetry relies on content, assonance, alliteration, and imagery.
The poem Success is Counted Sweetest by Emily Dickinson describes the feeling of jealousy and bitter taste of defeat. The author uses an example towards the end of the poem to support the point of human desire, which is the search of winning a war. The main idea of the poem is that success is valued the most when success is not achieved. “Success is counted sweetest, by those who ne’er succeed” (Dickinson). Therefore, failure or lack of something is a cause for motivation to obtain what is desired. According to Dickinson, the losers value victor to a greater extent than the actual victors do. “The distant strains of triumph, burst agonized and clear!” (Dickinson). This poem portrays a…

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