Emily Dickinson 's Death And Dying Essay

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Emily Dickinson was a lonely woman and did not go out much at all. In between the dates of “1858 and 1862 she suffered some kind of mental trauma” (Greenhaven 17). She kept to herself, and that is how she went about her life. She wrote many poems before dying, and all of them had an underlying theme of sadness. By close analysis of Dickinson’s works it is safe to assume that Dickinson was sad and maybe even hopeless herself. According to “Death and Dying in the poetry of Emily Dickinson”, Dickinson was fifty years ahead of her time so people did not want to read the kind of poetry she was producing (16). Dickinson was writing about death and immortality when people of that day and age were use to reading light hearted works. In turn received many rejection letters. Numerous people believe that she shied away from the literature world but it was quite the opposite. She was ready for her poems to be read, but the world was not ready to read them. Everything that happened to Dickinson in her life she channeled into her works and the messages were not always positive, but that is what gave her poetry depth and meaning, and the underlying theme of immortality and despair throughout her works. Throughout Emily Dickinson’s poems “Because I could not stop for death, How happy I was if I could forget and Heaven is What I Cannot Reach hopelessness is used to create meaning in the theme by highlighting immortality and death in her works. Because I could not stop for Death…

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