Emily Dickinson 's Because I Could Not Stop For Death Essay

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Mortalities Sleep
Birth is one of life 's greatest moments. Seeing a child 's birth is for many one of the greatest moments in life, but paradoxically that is the exact time we are committed to a life sentence. Death is a reality of life, an inevitable but bitter truth. Spring, the buds sprout out of their branches to start a new beginning, they bloom and grow, and sing their way until autumn arrives, and the poor leaves have no option but to fall down and be crunched by oblivious humans and soon be raked into a pile of nothingness. The leaves are not given an option to fall, no matter how much the leaves want to resist, they know that a slight slap of wind will fly them to the ground. This is the concept of life and death; it is portrayed through Emily Dickinson’s’ poem, “Because I could not stop for Death”. This poem introduces the readers to the reality of life, the irresistibility of death and the unrevealed secrets of the afterlife.
What is life? It is a blessing from God. Do we appreciate life or just let it flow on its own? People do not realize the blessing of life, after all once it is taken away from you, that is the end. If there were anyone who could tell us how pleasurable life is, it would definitely be the dead. We spend our lives procrastinating, leaving tasks for tomorrow, not certain we will even wake up the next day. Dickenson also proves this message as she assures the readers that we do not purposely dress for our funeral in “Gossamer” or “Tippet”.…

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