Essay about Emily Dickinson : Death Before Death

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Emily Dickinson: Death Before Death

Emily Dickinson ended her years in a pool of overflowing sorrow. From this statement, it can be easily understood as to why she would so often write about death. Her poetry about death was such a common theme for her that she became known for it. Some of her work that reflects these emotions so heavily are I heard a Fly buzz when I died— and Because I could not stop for Death. Both poems focus on the central idea of death, but highlight the topic in different ways. Analyzing Dickinson’s poetry allows the reader to grasp and understand concepts and elements that could be overlooked at first glance and to show differing and similar views on the same topic. Emily Elizabeth Dickinson’s life ended with her in a depressed state. Her poetry focused greatly on death which is the basis of these two poems. I Heard a Fly buzz when I Died was the 465th poem in her collection, while Because I could not stop for Death is 712th (HelloPoetry).There are 247 poems between them, yet the focus is still the same. They were written in the late 1880’s which is when Dickinson died. At this time, there were not many poets, but her writing can easily be seen as new age for that period (web thing). They share the same narrator; Emily herself. This reflects how her emotions stayed extremely concrete through her remaining years. Both poems story lines are about someone on their deathbed then they see death flash before them in one way or another. In I Heard a Fly…

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