Emile Durkheim 's Theory Of Social Integration Essay

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Emile Durkheim once said, "Crime brings together honest men and concentrates them."
Social integration Drug addiction, gang violence, and teen pregnancy are all examples of things seen to be negative lifestyles. Social integration is how people in a group interact connect with one another, and the impacts they leave on each other. The groups can be positively impacting groups to our society, or negatively impacting groups to our society. Despite if the group has negative or positive impact on our society, social cohesion, (which is another term for social integration) is all about working together within the specific group to achieve a shared goal. Emile Durkheim’s idea of social integration cannot be applied to teen pregnancy, drug addictions and gang violence easily, however it can be done because each group within themselves impacts and influences their members and together impacts our society as a whole and provides social changes in a positive way.
To begin with, social integration overall has a large impact on our society as a whole. Our world is broken down into thousands of smaller social groups that all come together to create a society. Each smaller group plays their part to either better our society or to cause a negative impact on our society. People come together to form a group because they share the same values, beliefs, culture and social location. Ultimately, the members of a group are striving for a common goal. Drug addicts share the common goal of wanting…

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