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I believe in individualism. I believe in the kind of individualism that encourages freedom of the mind at the cost of tradition and social cohesion. I am a highschool student and adolescent, so much of my time is spent perceiving peers, which allows me to maintain a unique character. It is the desire to emit a distinctive complexion and act freely that generates individualism. Through passionate beliefs and an unyielding mind, society conforms to our examples, as we ignore societal traditions and mold our own distinct temperaments despite external influences. Whenever I think of the word individualism, I think of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s essay called “Self-Reliance” in which he describes the significance of trusting oneself. Each person is born …show more content…
I can truly relate to Emerson’s concept of individualism so vividly today because I associate it with a specific moment in my life. During sixth grade in elementary school, on a frigid winter afternoon, we ate lunch in the cafeteria. A young Japanese boy sat at my table and other students began to tease him because of his unique appearance and distinct cultural traits. For example, he excelled in arithmetic, and other students mocked him out of spite. Two students particularly began taking his food and heaving it across the cafeteria. Instead of allowing society to influence my behavior, I sternly told the students to leave the boy alone. A few moments later, each student at the table left the Japanese boy by himself and darted to another table. Once again, the importance of expressing my own beliefs and being myself took precedence over the external pressures to adhere to society. I decided to sit with the young boy and told an adult about the situation. Unaccustomed to the school’s hostile environment, the boy shed tears and was propelled into a state of dejection and grief. “Don’t listen to them,” I said. “They’re just jealous of your intelligence.” Beneath the boy’s brown desolate eyes and dismal expression, arose a faint smile. To this day, I understand the true value of individuality as forming unique beliefs and acting independently can truly improve …show more content…
No amount of television advertisements should cause an individual to delve into mindless consumerist behavior as distinctive characteristics must reign supreme. In the song “Be Yourself” by Frank Ocean, a friend’s mother proclaims to her son, “Don't try to be like someone else/ Don't try to act like someone else, be yourself/ Be secure with yourself/ Rely and trust upon your own decisions” (7-10). Each individual on this planet has distinctive abilities and attributes that define the person. By adapting to societal norms and not trusting our own decisions, we are unable to truly appreciate ourselves. Everyone possesses their own unique potential and accepting ourselves will allow us to prosper and flourish in society. The importance of individuality is not a measurable value, but it can transform one’s life. If one’s mind is weak, there will be immense pressure to conform. However, if one’s mind is strong, the individual will remain ignorant towards societal norms, living comfortably and standing up for particular beliefs. We must understand that others should not influence our personas as trusting individual attributes is

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