Emerging From The Despair Of The Middle Ages Essay

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Emerging from the despair of the Middle Ages, the Renaissance was a welcomed period of change. Europeans grew into a cultured society as wealthy metropolises developed. Prosperous merchants moved into larger cities and ambitious artists followed their patrons. Within renaissance art, there were many different sub-movements; from Northern European art to the “New Flemish Style”, and lastly the Italian renaissance. All of these artists contributed to the advancement of European art in various ways by introducing methods of perspective, symbolism, and the use of oils in painting.
During the 15th century it was difficult for the average person to travel very far from their home. Phenomenally, artists of all means made their way to places like Florence, Flanders, and Brussels. These urban areas were the centers for new and innovative styles of art. “Gothic Art” flourished in Northern Europe. Painters focused on the “natural world” by including plants, animals, and textiles in their art. In Flanders, the “New Flemish Style” was very popular. Artists tried to use the highest amount of detail possible in their compositions. Their works usually included high horizon lines and themes that were most often religious. The renaissance also brought innovation in the type of paint that artists used. Rather than the tempura paints of old oil became the medium of choice due to its longevity and richness of pigment. Meanwhile Italian artists were intrigued by classical sculpture, and…

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