Essay on Emerging Adulthood

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the most part. These years in a persons life have often been referred to as emerging adulthood.
Emerging adults have reached a step up from childhood but are not yet ready to fully take on adult responsibilities. This part of life is open to many new experiences which can be very good for the morality of this upcoming generation of adults. People find themselves changing majors in college or taking different classes to explore their interests and find out where they best belong in their future career field.
In this period of time, it is hard to advance in a career field without having education further than a high school diploma. Hence, the reason many people are starting families and careers later in life because they cannot simply
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For the most part, relationships can be separated into three different areas. People with a secure attachment tend to experience trusting relationships and consider their significant other not only a mate but a friend. Some relationships that are constantly having ups and downs and are unpredictable can be referred to as resistant attachments. People with resistant attachment show signs of clinginess and low self-esteem in a relationship. Third, avoidant attachments contain people who have no trust or sense of emotional connection. These people have higher risk of having an affair or using drugs or alcohol.
Triangular theory of love consists of three ideas, intimacy, passion, and commitment. Intimacy is the area of the relationship that contains emotions involving communication and expressing concern. Not only do we show intimacy but we want to be shown reciprocity. Passion is the component of the relationship that shows importance to sexual activity and a romantic side to things. Passion tends to decline with time but without a strong passionate love for your partner that leaves a weak basis for the formation of companionate love for one another. Commitment is the determining factor of whether partners decide to stay together and maintain their relationship on a long term level.
Choosing to get married is a huge point in any persons life. Marriage is the

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