Emergency Surgery - Original Writing Essay

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Opening her eyes Brooke realized she had not been called in for emergency surgery. She was so surprised but still glanced at her pager to make sure she hadn’t slept through the call. Brooke always worried about missing a scheduled call day. If that should happen, she would be placed on probation. After probation, if there was another incident, such, you were placed on a three-day suspension with no pay. By then you should look for another job because the word will be out. Situations would be created to add more pressure in an attempt to get rid of you. Today Brooke was off from work. She felt so happy as if being treated with breakfast in bed. She rolled out of bed and headed for the coffee. The kids appeared in the kitchen one by one to begin their day. Everyone seemed to be in good spirits just like the bright morning sunshine that peered through the glass doors. Brooke found a note from David on the coffee machine. He needed to stop by his office to finish a project that needed to get out the door. I should be back home around noon, the note read. This gave her a few hours of down time around the house. She threw in another load of laundry and heard her daughter call out,‘” Mom get a housekeeper so we don’t waste all weekend cleaning”. “I hate strangers in the house”, Brooke retorted although she felt she should hire someone to help with the major chores. Maybe it is time to get extra help around the house.
Brooke knew a few nurses at the hospital who had…

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