Emergency Safety Plan

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Make a plan before something happens.
Make sure you have a safety plan set before something happens and that everyone knows what to do and were to go before something happens and how to contact each other in case of emergency.
- Write down emergency phone numbers and keep them by the phones, as well as saved in the phone
- Have a fire extinguisher in a place where everyone will know where to find it o Make sure everyone knows how to use it
- Know where the closest shelter is and how to get to it from multiple routes
- Know what the emergency sirens sound like and what to do when they go off in your area.
- Have a safe room to store all your emergency supplies and a place that you will be safe in during an emergency.
- Have a few different
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- Iodine tablets, or chlorine bleach, anything that can make drinking water safe to drink
Safety Items
- Have a stocked first aid kid and ensure everyone knows what to do with everything inside of it
- Have a battery powered radio so you can keep up with any news updates
- A flashlight and candles
- Have spare batteries around in case the ones in your device die.
- Sleeping bags and blankets
- Have your emergency supplies not only at home, but also in your car, in case you need to make a quick get away

Personal care and hygienic supplies
- Taking care of your personal hygiene is an important factor when preventing disease in an emergency situation
- Have wet wipes or baby wipes for cleaning yourself to conserve water
- Hand sanitizer and soap
- Toothpaste or mouthwash
- Tampon and pads (however, pads are safer if you need to be conservative)

Emergency kit
- Always have an emergency kit premade at home and in your car.
- The kit should include:
- More non perishable foods
- Flares and jumper cables
- Maps to find alternative routes to places you may need to go or places you need to go placed somewhere you may be unfamiliar with o Having a GPS can be helpful as well but maps are important as
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Make sure than inside and outside your home is safe
- NEVER use electricity if the outlet or adaptor were ever wet. o If the devices are still plugged in, turn off the power at the main breaker and wait for an electrician to look at your devices before using again.
- Use flashlights instead of candles if the power is still out. o If you need to use candles make sure they stay away from anything that may catch fire, and always stay near lit candles to prevent fires.
- Leave whatever building you’re in as soon as possible if you hear any unusual noises or shifting o These noises could mean that the building is about to fall.
- Make sure it is safe before going inside of any building.
Be cautious of carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide has no smell and you cannot see it so to prevent your family from being victim of carbon monoxide poisoning:
- Do not heat your home with a gas over, or use gas or coal-burning equipment inside of your home. o Keep these things outside and at a minimum of 20 feet away from any opening to the house.
- Do not run a vehicle inside your garage, even if the garage door is

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