Emergency Room Nurses : Nurses Essay

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The lives of people are held in the hands of nurses who work hard to help people in need. Emergency Room nurses monitor patients, record information, report symptoms, and distribute medication to patients. ER nurses are the first people to treat sick or injured patients when they come into the hospital. These nurses frantically work to try to help the patients in need. When the nurses enter the room, they have to make sure all of the essential information is recorded so the doctor can come in and further examine and treat the patient. Emergency Room nurses need to be prepared to make quick and accurate decisions or the lives of the patients can be greatly at risk. Emergency Room nurses have a lot of occupational responsibilities, they need specific skills to help them succeed, and they have many tasks to perform throughout the day. Because I love to help people and excel at math and science, becoming an Emergency Room nurse would best suit me as a career.

Each day, nurses are required to complete certain tasks that will help their patients. ER nurses need to provide care to all of their patients by setting up long-term care needs and administering medicine when needed. When administering medicine, accuracy is key. If one were to hand out the wrong kind of medicine or not the correct amount, the outcome could be very fatal. Nurses in the ER also monitor health conditions and make note of any changes for the doctor’s viewing. In a dire situation, nurses may also be required…

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