Emergency Room Nurse : A Critical Thinking Exercise Scenario Essay

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As an emergency room nurse my mind is hard wired to treat patients as quickly as possible and have them vacate to an admissions bed or back home. The acute care environment can be so hectic that looking past a patient’s discharge instructions can easily be over looked. An emergency room nurse regardless of her or his acute care mindset still knows how to apply the nursing process to any plan of care at hand and it is no different to a plan of continuous care in a patient’s home. The key is sending home a plan formulated in conjunction with the input of the same medical professionals and support staff that took care of the patient in the first place. Nurses are no longer moving towards a care process of just following orders, yet as partners in the process of formulating continuous care via open communication, alongside doctors to attain the demands of health care as it evolves.
Huber (2014), presents us with a critical thinking exercise scenario. The scenario explains Nurse Olivia Witte and the nurses working at Sunrise Hospital have realized they need to come up with a critical pathway for a ventilated-dependent patient who is set to go home soon. The scenario contains a wrench thrown in the wheels of communication from the very beginning. To start with, the whopper is the doctors are first in line protesting cooperation of the proposed written plan of care put together by the nursing team. Second the dietary representative hands over a dietary protocol to integrate…

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