Emergency Headlights Research Paper

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Kyle Breeding
RCC Driver Essay
Fire Apparatus Headlights Headlights are essential to a fire apparatus. Without them the driver would not be able to be see during responses after dark, and would also far less visible to others during the daytime. Headlights come in a few different styles. The three compaired here will be Halogen, Xenon, and LED headlights. They will be compaired on their economics, effectiveness, and overall safety. Halogen bulbs are the most popular headlight in use today, mainly because they are cheap. Halogen is a term used to describe a group of five very dangerous chemicals. Every bulb has a thin piece of metal surrounded by a halogen gas. The halogen gas works to replenish the thin metal filament each time the headlight is used. A halogen bulb produces a bright, white light. This is great for both response during the day and night. Some of the negatives of using halogen bulbs are they Generates excess heat, and waste energy. This could be a problem if you have a truck that is already running a lot of other emergency lights. Also you need cautious handling the bulb when replacing it since it is reactive to other substances.
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It is actualy found in small amounts in room air. Xenon is commonly used in headlights, it is know for emiting a clean and white light. These bulbs have very good illumination, they are great for seeing hazards out in front of you during nighttime driving. They also use less power than a halogen bulb and have a longer life span. They only have two real problems, price and safety. First off they are very spendy and second they can cause a harsh glare into oncoming drivers eyes. I see this as a deal breaker. It could be very dangerous to blind someone with glare from the headlights as they are trying to get out of our

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