Essay on Embracing The Complexity Of Language

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1st Chapter Number: 7
Chapter Title:
Embracing the Complexity of Language: Bringing All Forms of Knowledge into the Language Arts through Latino Children’s Literature
I. Summary
This chapter covers different approaches to help incorporate multicultural children’s literature into the classroom which could encourage bilingual learners in a language arts setting. This chapter discussed sociocultural perspectives on literacy that helps connect literacy instruction to something more relatable to children and also shows how they can use literature in the real world. Using multicultural children’s literature allows bilingual students make connections between literature and their home culture. This allows students to become interested in reading since children will be able to relate to the stories. This chapter also discussed the importance of literature discussion by making sure the book choice fits the class objectives. It also covered incorporating small-group discussions and how it’s a helpful tool by allowing the students to interact with peers and also learn from other’s experiences. Finally, this chapter covered language practices and how multicultural children’s books that incorporate Spanish help demonstration the importance of the language.
II. Two Notable Quotes o “Multicultural children’s literature provides students whose experiences are not aligned with the dominant cultural group with opportunities to draw from their funds of knowledge (Moll Amanti, Neff, &…

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