Embracing The Complexity Of Language Essay

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1st Chapter Number: 7
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Embracing the Complexity of Language: Bringing All Forms of Knowledge into the Language Arts through Latino Children’s Literature
I. Summary
This chapter covers different approaches to help incorporate multicultural children’s literature into the classroom which could encourage bilingual learners in a language arts setting. This chapter discussed sociocultural perspectives on literacy that helps connect literacy instruction to something more relatable to children and also shows how they can use literature in the real world. Using multicultural children’s literature allows bilingual students make connections between literature and their home culture. This allows students to become interested in
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Two Notable Quotes o “Multicultural children’s literature provides students whose experiences are not aligned with the dominant cultural group with opportunities to draw from their funds of knowledge (Moll Amanti, Neff, & González, 1992) as a resource for making sense of academic content and showing teachers what they know and understand (Gutiérrez et al., 2011; Enciso, 2001).” (Pg.128) I felt that this quote was notable because it helped push the importance of multicultural children’s literature and how bilingual students can use it to their advantage to prove points about their culture. This could even help the teacher and class understand. o “If there is not a value for Spanish in the English language arts classroom, an emergent bilingual may not be able to participate in a way that allows them to benefit from a discussion group” (Pg. 131) I felt that this quote was notable because it shows that if Spanish language and culture is not promoted then those students are more likely to fall behind or possibly lose interest in class …show more content…
This chapter goes into detail about how story telling can be a great source to teach mathematics, additionally it can apply meaning to some mathematical processes and numbers. This chapter discusses the importance of bilingual students finding meaning to math by relating it to their families and culture. Students need to incorporate every day events into mathematics to help them further understand why math is so important. This chapter goes into depth about understanding the importance of keeping time and calendar dates and how real word events can help them understand what happens differently in each month so that they can find the

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