Embracing Otherness Embracing Myself Essay

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Self and Oneness
Thandie Newton is a British actress who was raised in Britain. She had a father from Cornwall and mother from Zimbabwe. Not only this proves how multicultural her world was, but also she went to an all white Catholic school. She felt like she didn’t belong because her looks, history, hair, everything about her was different or wrong according to the others. Since she didn’t fit, her self was defined as the “other”. She ended up feeling ashamed of herself. However with dancing and acting she discovered the awareness of oneness. In Embracing Otherness, Embracing Myself (Newton, 2011) she basically talks about the concept of self in contrast to oneness. The important thing is being connected to everything and being open to
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Forgetting how to live in harmony is inevitable when someone gets so caught up in his self.
One definition for self-consciousness is being uncomfortably aware of your own appearance or behavior. Self-awareness is pretty much the same thing except that a self-conscious person would notice his flaws more than anything else. In the self-conscious state, the person thinks all about the judgments that

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