Embodies Does Fall In Love In Jane Bennet, By Jane Austen

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Jane Bennet is a very calm and put together woman that doesn’t find ill in the world. Her mother almost prefers her because of her appearance. It is Jane that catches the eye of Mr.Bingley who is a well earning man that Mrs. Bingley would be ecstatic to see take her daughters hand. The length that go into setting this marriage up are extreme as far as Mrs. Bennet sending her daughter into a coming storm so she will have to stay in Mr. Bingley’s estate. As desperate as this sounds it is not uncommon when you realize how serious Mrs. Bennet is about her daughters being wed. Mr. Darcy makes it clear that there exist a contrast between Mr.Bingley’s and Jane’s social status should not be ignored. As described by Stasio and Duncan Jane “embodies …show more content…
Bingley. Why does Mr. Darcy reject their relationship than? As he states, ““The situation of your mother’s family, though objectionable, was nothing in comparison of that total propriety so frequently, so almost uniformly betrayed by herself, by your three younger sisters, and occasionally even by your father”(198). Mr. Darcy impeded the marriage of his friend and Jane because he was sure their different social standing were just too great. This action makes Mr. Darcy seem a bit harsh to the reader. “The reader pities him for he is a slave to his traditions”(Ashfaq and Khattak 36). However, Mr. Darcy makes the most dramatic change I believe than any other character in this novel in regard to his view on society.
Mr. Darcy is defined in many different lights. In the beginning of the novel he is defined as, “a most disagreeable, horrid man, not at all worth pleasing”(11). Which in the beginning I can agree with it is seen that he looks down his nose at the people of the town because they share nothing, according to him, with his class of people. Mr. Darcy’s relationship with Elizabeth seems to soften him up a bit as the novel goes on. As Morgan explains, “Mr.Darcy is to
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As expressed by Anderson, “Refusing to be treated as a commodity in the marriage market, taken home by anyone who deems her adequate, she demands proper respect for herself as a rational creature”(372). This ends up working for her because as she held out through two proposals, which she denied she achieved her love, when both her and Darcy looked past themselves and society and achieved an amazing union as husband and wife. “The luminosity of Pride and Prejudice resides in its central love story”(Anderson 368). No matter which definition of society is used it played a major role in the novel. Characters found themselves in moments where different social levels either meshed or rejected each other. The final note of the novel shows that those who wanted more in life looked past expectations and achieved

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