Essay Embedding Learning Is Self Care Routines

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Embedding Learning is Self-Care Routines If counting were in and IEP for a student who is 4 years old, there are several ways that this could be embedded into self-care routines. One would be during snack time we could practice counting out five goldfish to eat at a time. The student could count each one up to fine and then eat them and so another group. I would also change this to where I would have five counted out and the student tells me how many are there. Another way to count would be during clean up of certain toys, like cars or blocks. We would clean up by counting out five of the toys and then stopping and counting out five more. Also, counting buttons while we button up a coat that specifically has five buttons is a great way to work on counting while playing dress up at a housekeeping center during centers time.
All about Self-Care Embedding or integrating self-care skills and all parts of the curriculum is very important because they help to reinforce each other and knowledge, not to mention it will create more opportunities for learning. For example, during meal times you can discuss the differences between fruits and vegetables and also talk about their colors. Also, doing generalizations helps to link what students are learning or have learned to real-life, which reinforce skills and knowledge. A certain level of help should be given while a child is trying to learn a self-care skill, but at a certain time. You can help by guiding and demonstrating how to…

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