Emanuel Balestrero Case Summary

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This case was about Emanuel Balestrero. He was a musician who loved to play the string bass. Balestrero would play in many dance bands on Broadway. With his outstanding work ethic Balestrero was not only a religious man, he was also into horse betting, and maintaining his finances. Emanuel had good credit and in times of struggle he would go to the distance to make sure his family was secure. Unfortunately for Emanuel he would later find himself involved in a series of hold ups in his neighborhood. Mr. Balestrero was very distraught to hear about the allegations. During this time Emanuel would then be taken down to the 110th precinct to answer more questions the detectives had for him. He was questioned many times as well as having to go on a drive through the neighborhood to different locations where these crime were committed. The reason behind the different stops, were to see if anyone could identify him as the holdup man. Mr. Balestrero would then learn back at the station through more questioning that he was identified as the holdup man for the prudential insurance office that he had insurance policies with. After having to …show more content…
A man by the name of Charles Daniel came forward and confessed to the robberies. This was a relief for Manny because he was going to have to go through the process all over again, because of the mistrial. In think this is an unfortunate position to be in because things known to use now would have cleared a lot of people of wrong doing then. For example, in this new day and age technology has cleared many criminals of wrong doing in DNA samples alone that was not discovered back in the 80’s. Cold cases are finally being closed one at a time, innocent accused are being released, the real suspected is being identified, and families are getting justice. Now we just have to find a way to bring the community back into good policing because, good officers deserve

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