Emancipation Proclamation's Impact On American Life

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The emancipation proclamation changed lives, whether people saw it as a good reason or bad. As the country faced its third year of civil war, Abraham Lincoln said “all” slaves are forever free. Well all slaves in southern rebellion states that is, he did not want affiliate with Delaware, Kentucky, Maryland and Missouri. People came to realize it didn 't really freed the slaves there were terms and conditions. There were good intentions behind it but it was mostly for military purposes. Although it did not freed all slaves, however it played a major role during the war. It greatly affected the war effort and international relations also people down south both blacks and whites.

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Abraham Lincoln carefully picked out certain states and most people in those states saw that as a threat. Slaves saw him as a hero , whites saw him as the devil, despite that he proceed with his idea hoping it would destroy confederacy. During the war he wanted the southern states motivated. All the slaves in the states that were in rebellion got a chance to fight for the union army against confederacy. It gave the army more availability, and since they were fighting to abolish slavery, no slave could say no. Thankfully the europeans countries supported Abraham. This shocked the Lincoln administration, They assumed the foreign countries would be against it for the sake of cotton. And also by the lack of exports of cotton, tobacco, rice and sugar, which would also become more expensive. Slave labor would no longer used to obtain goods. But countries such as Britain and France supported confederacy, they wanted to increase the impact they have on the western world. After the war there was a period called reconstruction where blacks started to get high paying and government jobs for a span of 10 years before jim crow laws were enacted. They no longer do labor for free

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