Elysium Movie Analysis

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Elysium Questions
1. What do you think about the above establishing shots of Los Angeles and Elysium? Extreme long shot is used for emphasis the environment of two different place. The Los Angeles in Earth where ever be the civilized town was shown in the ruin town. The extreme long shot gives the picture of devastation; pollution, disease, and homeless. On the other hand, the Elysium was shown in productive place. Elysium is the place for wealth people, there are high-technology building surrounded with plentiful environment. These two extreme long shots are showing the contrasting place between Earth and Elysium also indicate the inequality between two worlds in the movie.
2. What is the connotation/symbolism of the non-English languages
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Why do people want to leave Earth and go to Elysium? Earth is the place for poverty people contrasting with Elysium which is plentiful with natural, convenient stuff. People who live in Earth are suffering from undeveloped living condition, so they want to have a new life with the wonderful named Elysium. Earth now seems like the resource less world which is no trees, no advance medical technology, no peace. Thus there are no reasons to find the hardest way of surviving in Earth, the hopeless world.
5. Contrast the robots on Elysium with those on Earth, and what the character design for each is meant to suggest. The robots on Earth are definitely contrast with the Elysium one. On the Earth, robots were designed as the ruler/controller. For example, when Max is in the line for bus, he was treated terribly by the police robot. The robots do not care about his health, they hit the mace on his arm strongly without caring. No stage for Max to flee from the rule, he only has to accept and live. On the Elysium, robots were designed for serving and protecting people. The robot act like a servant that provide every convenience toward Elysium citizens. For example, serving champagne as the waiter, damaging refugees from town to protect Elysium people, and being a protector to his master as the bodyguard. The masters can order everything they want on robots. The contrasting robot character suggest that robots on earth are superior than human being, whereas the robots on Elysium
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As watchers can see how wicked she is from the scene that she orders missile toward ship craft from Earth, she is the real evil. To continue the plan of being a new president, she tried to cover it up by sending the refugees back for create the goddess of kindness image toward Elysium citizen. If the Elysium people know that she uses violence to remove other people, she will not get supports anymore. Thus, the contradictory attitude is not real form of Secretary Delacourt, the real form of she is the destroyer who is greedy and violent-liked.
8. Spider says “You’re already under the knife, right?” when convincing Max to get the exosuit installed. What literary technique is being used here and what is the meaning behind it? This sentence shows the metaphor use of Max life are nearly be done. He is waiting to the end of life now, so this sentence imply that his life can be shut down in time. The knife of death is ready to stub on his life after his body has been bathed by lethal radiation, his life is waiting for the end. Thus, Max realize that he has nothing to lose, he decides to install exosuit without scared feeling.
9. Why do you think the old lady hides Max when he is trying to evade

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