Kenya Caves Research Paper

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Also known as the Verul Leni, The Ellora caves located about 29 kilometres northwest from the city of Aurangabad. These caves were carved out of the vertical face of the Charanandri hills during the period of 6th and 10th centuries, the same times the Ajanta caves were abandoned. Reminiscent of the Ajanta caves, the Ellora caves are also world famous for their spectacular paintings and sculpture. Even after extensive research, the experts are still unable to tell how these magnificent caves were carved. There is no concrete evidence available that explains the process or information about the builders.
The caves took about five centuries to be carved and it is believed that the Chalukyas and the Rashtrakutas were the main patrons.
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These caves were constructed during the period of 9th and 10th centuries. Although smaller in size than the Buddhist and Hindu caves, the Jain caves features beautiful and intricate carvings depicting gods and goddesses from the Jain scriptures.

Chotta Kailasa (Cave 30) Elephant sculpture
First in the series of the Jain caves is the Cave 30 that features the Chotta Kailasa. It is known as the Chotta Kailasa as it resembles the Hindu Cave 16 Kailasa temple. The temple was constructed somewhere around the 9th century and is believed that this structure was initially a part of the Hindu structures but was later converted into a Jain structure. The temple features a spectacular rock cut sculpture of an elephant reminiscent to the one found at Kailasa temple and also features images of 22 Tirthankaras (spiritual teachers of Jainism) and Mahavira (the last Tirthankara) seated on his Lion throne.

Paintings According to experts, the paintings at Ellora caves were done in two phases. The first phase features paintings that depict Lord Vishnu and goddess Laxmi. The second phase features paintings depicting the procession of Shaiva and others portraying Apsaras. The best examples of paintings at Ellora are preserved at the Kailasa

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