Ellis Island First Person Creative Essay

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This is a creative essay on Ellis Island, describing life as an immigrant who went to Ellis Island through first-person. All facts and dates are historically correct.

I come from Spain. My name is Carmina Diaz.
I immigrated because of the Cristero War, in Spain. The war was actually a rebellion of the Roman Catholics in Spain who were persecuted by the government. There were dangers such as raids and the death toll was growing higher every day. Being a Catholic Christian family who simply wanted to live in peace, we moved out to escape the war and the persecution that had caused it.

We travelled from our hometown in Spain, a place called Badajoz in a train to Lisboa, Spain. Lisboa had a harbor and from there we boarded the ship
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I was more interested in the trees and grass and exotic creatures, which I had never seen before.Although the Statue was the tallest structure I had ever seen, I saw nothing special about the 'stone giant with a spiky crown and weird clothes holding a humungous torch' as I described it. (I was more interested in the turkey trying to climb it. I had never seen one before and I was fascinated).
Ellis Island was actually a string of three islands, of which two were not natural and the result of landfills, I was told. There were buildings and chimneys and halls and bridges. I was impressed, however, at the immigration station.

The first& second class passengers exited the ship together at the New York Harbour, but the third class passengers were separated and taken to Ellis Island for 'inspection'. (The first and second class passengers had already been checked aboard the ship and were passing through Customs). We were taken and made to stand in several queues inside the immigration reception. The reception inside the immigration station itself was interesting. It was the size of a train station, and looked like one too. However, rather than the average objects you'd find at a train station, there were doctors and medical equipment, cooks and other staff, shelves of immigration records, and much else.

All the third class passengers stood in long queues with our luggage. They checked us out legally, or so my parents told me- I was busy bidding

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