Essay Elizabeth 's Speech - Original Writing

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"Well, later Lizbeth, I 'm heading out now." Her boss said. Elizabeth was too absorbed in the computer screen "Liz! Lizbeth! ELIZABETH!" Elizabeth finally snapped out of it "eh? Yes, Professor?" She answered. "I 'm leaving now, don 't forget to lock up okay?" He said. She nodded “Okay, Have a good night." She said. He nodded "Good night." Then left. Elizabeth went back to work.
"Huahhh...Finished." Elizabeth yawned she took a look the clock "oh wow, it’s already midnight? I should get home." She said. Elizabeth turned off the computer and walked toward the door. She put her lab coat on the rack and grabbed her bag. She walked out the building then stopped "Ah wait I almost forgot to lock up." She turned back but when she went back she saw a man standing in front of the door. Elizabeth was slightly confused "um excuse me sir this is a private Facility, you can 't be here." The man turned towards her.
There was something off with the man. He walked towards her breathing quite heavily. Elizabeth was shaken "I-I 'm calling the police!" She stuttered. She quickly pulled out her phone but before she could dial the number the man ran towards her tackling her to the ground. She let out a scream "GET OFF! PLEASE SOMEONE HELP!" She shouted. "Flesh..." The man mumbled. Elizabeth was in a panic "W-What? SOMEONE PLEASE SAVE ME!" She shouted. The man opened his mouth about to take a bite out of her neck. But he stopped feeling something on his head.
"Yo. About to have your next meal…

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