Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots Essay

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Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots

During the sixteenth century there where many conflicts which occurred between Catholics and Protestants. The Kings and Queens of England especially kept on changing between both religions. This made it very difficult for the people of England to choose a religion because laws kept on getting changed in regard to practicing religion. When Elizabeth I became Queen she became the new defender of the faith, thus making Protestantism the official religion. One of the harshest parts of Elizabeth's reign was the whole Mary, Queen of Scots, ordeal. Mary was Elizabeth's cousin and next in line to the throne. Of course Mary was Catholic and that is what made the whole issue an issue. This paper will
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On January 10 she had pronounced her verdict, there had been nothing sufficiently produced by them against Mary, whereby the Queen of England should conceive or take any evil opinion of Mary. 14 Mary's arrival in England was a source of embarrassment to Elizabeth because she refused to renounce her claims to the English thrown and she was a rallying figure for Catholics. Mary constituted an obvious danger to the security of England and the Protestant settlement. 15 Some people believe that if Elizabeth would have just released Mary no religious revolt would have occurred because the Catholic world would have been influenced by Mary's recent behaviors and would have treated her with cold contempt. 16 When in January 1569, Mary was moved south to Tutbury Castle she knew that she could not expect help from her cousin Elizabeth , but she was already turning elsewhere in England for help. Ambitious nobles and disgruntled Catholics naturally turned to her with enthusiasm. 17 Cecil and other leading ministers wasted no time in advising Elizabeth that as long as Mary remained in England, the country was in danger. But Elizabeth was bound to Mary by Family ties and by the touching letters and poems of supplication which Mary sent her. Elizabeth favored a solution to the problem which would have included Mary's restoration to the Scottish throne under various conditions. But this plan had to be changed due to

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