Elizabeth : Woman Of Courage Essay

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Elizabeth: Woman of Courage In Salem Village, women are expected to uphold a certain standard. This includes being a mother, wife, and homemaker. As per Puritan standards, all citizens are taught to be devout Christians. When several young girls in the village were found dancing in the woods, they were accused of being bewitched. This very much resembles McCarthyism during the Red Scare in America during the 1950s. The Crucible’s author, Arthur Miller, was inspired by the random and rapid accusations of Communists during this time. In The Crucible one can find several scenes where characters are accused in a “snowball effect” in which one person is blamed, who then blames three other people. Those three people each blame two others in order to save their own lives. Elizabeth Proctor was the loving wife to John Proctor; he was a valued citizen of the Salem community. Together they owned a large amount of land, owned a house, and had grown children to help with day-to-day tasks. I believe that Elizabeth Proctor was the most admirable character out of the cast of The Crucible because she was a hardworking housewife, very pious, and forgave her husband for the sins he committed. Elizabeth Proctor still worked in her household while she was sick. For a certain amount of time, Elizabeth was ill. She requested the help of Abigail Williams, and then Mary Warren in order to maintain her household. Before she hired Warren, Elizabeth dismissed Abigail Williams from her service. When…

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