Elizabeth: The Last Of The Virgin Queen

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At last Elizabeth was made queen, but just like any ruler, she had issues arise. One of the issues Elizabeth faced was that she was unmarried and still a virgin. Her nickname up until this day is still The Virgin Queen. This created a problem, because she was the last of the Tudor dynasty. So if she did not produce an heir to the throne, her family’s reign would be over. Elizabeth had many suitors after her hand in marriage. Some of which included King of Spain, Sir William Pickering, John Frederic Duke of Saxony’s son, Prince Eric of Sweden, the Earl of Arundel, and the Earl of Arran (Sharnette). The people of England wanted Prince Eric since he was also a protestant. The problem with him was that he was not wealthy and he would not help England financially. Although there was rumors started that she agreed to marry him, but they were just that rumors. Another suitor that had been considered was the Archduke Charles, but he was Catholic, so many did not want Elizabeth to marry him. Elizabeth found herself in yet another pickle. Her childhood friend Lord Robert Dudley and she fell madly in love. Many were against this marriage because he was of nobility and other nobles would be mad if …show more content…
The English then fought them and pushed them out around Scotland and Ireland. The Armada then went completed defeated back to Spain. In conclusion, Queen Elizabeth I was a truly amazing ruler. She did so much for her country despite her rough childhood, being denied her claim to the throne. Her reign was even known as the golden age. She accomplished so much in her reign. She defeated the Spanish Armada; she extended England’s possessions in America, therefore founding the colony of Virginia. She also ended the war between England and France, as well as preventing many political issues. So many people admired and loved her. Queen Elizabeth I benefitted England in so many ways and deserves to be remembered for all of her

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