Elizabeth Taylor By Vik Muniz Essay

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When you see a piece of art, what do you see? Do you see a person or a thing, or is there a flashback of a memory; does it bring a certain emotion to the surface? Art can be shown in various ways, paintings, sculptures, portraits, etc. The piece of artwork that I choose from the class textbook is Elizabeth Taylor by Vik Muniz.
The first time I saw Vik Muniz’s artwork of Elizabeth Taylor, it surfaced an emotion. Admiring a person’s beauty, having the emotion of that person being pulchritudinous, or stunning. I was drawn to this masterpiece for the first time when I flipped through the pages of the book, “Understanding Art”. At the first glance of the piece of artwork, my eyes were drawn to the stunning reflection of silver, what seems to be glitter at first, and the shadows of darkness that surrounds the woman’s face and creates an image that is unbelievably amazing. Every girl would like to be admired; every girl wants to have a portrait made of themselves in 550 carats of diamonds, and that is what Muniz did when he made this amazing piece called, Elizabeth Taylor. Elizabeth Taylor was an actress who was born in February of 1932. With the obsession of diamonds, the elegant Taylor was always in the spotlight of fame, but this time, she was the spotlight. With the use of lights, Muniz used his creative touch to take advantage of the reflection in lights to create the dark shadows in this piece. Vik Muniz created an illusion in the entire series; “Pictures of Diamonds” that…

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