Elizabeth Rich 's From An Old House Essay

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Throughout history women’s role in society has continuously changed and prospered, and is continuing to alter as time goes on. A role in society more often than not develops to become better or satisfies the people to which it affects. There has not been a time without the need for women and there will never be such a time, for the human race as we know it should in fact go extinct. With such an important role in the reproduction of humans, women were not always held to the standard importance that they possess, and only until recently have they been molded into a role of higher significance. Adrienne Rich’s “From an Old House in America” is an enlightening poem that depicts women’s roles throughout society from being merely just an object of reproduction to an equivalent specimen as man. Rich describes the development and purpose of women throughout history through the present moment in the old house, the evocations of Rich’s personal past, the past of other women who lived in the house prior, and the history of American women. Moreover, Rich begins to look over the physical remnants of those before her, seeing the difficult conditions they were forced to live in. There was short growing seasons and cold hard times in the fields and surrounding land. She began to envision herself living the lives of those who had lived there in the past (Sickels 15-17). As Rich moved through the house she found belongings of the past, and felt the way the house depicted an image of the…

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