Elizabeth Hale Case Study

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The United States has forever been a capitalist driven country. Moreover, the market-driven ideologies the United States posits taint other systems that would otherwise operate optimally. For example, medical care within the U.S. The medical care system is of capitalist philosophy and carries several negative complications with it. Such complications include: a monetary basis for medical care and discrimination of poorer economic classes. However, other countries utilize measures to delivery medical care more efficiently than the U.S.
All too often does income conflict with the health of an individual. Some individuals spend their entire savings just to live another day. In the case of Elizabeth Hale, she has sacrificed her economic standing to exist. Moreover, Mrs. Hale is fighting to be a member of a kidney transplant list due to her poor economic standing. Conversely, I believe she should be a part of the transplant list no matter her economic worth. By not putting Mrs. Hale on the transplant list, the members conducting the transplant list are denaturing the human existence to be of monetary value. How can one put a price tag on the human life? Granted some need medical attention more than other, but in the case of Mrs. Hale, she is of equal importance in
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So, in the case of Elizabeth Hale, I believe she is a prime example of discrimination against the poor. Admittedly, the organs of humans are a very limited resource, but recall the case with the billionaire David Rockefeller; his actions convey the idea that if one has enough money or economic power they can make a limited resource not so limited anymore. Even though Hale and Rockefeller are both human, they are treated differently because of money. Rockefeller has received six different organs, a favor directly affecting millions of equally deserving people, while Hale may not live to see her next birthday. This is not at all

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