Essay on Elizabeth Fry Association Of British Colombia

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In 1939 the Elizabeth fry association of British Colombia was taken in place, the purpose of this organization was to assist and create programs for the “female offenders” and help them develop skills when transitioning back into society, (Stewart, pg.1) Like Elizabeth it would start by visiting the prison and creating changes and opportunity for these women. The foundation originally was to create programs but it became more than just a program based prison. In the 1960s women were granted care after leaving the prison, and were provided with community living homes. The women also had access to emergency revising homes in Vancouver and Burnaby, counseling services for shoplifters, court work services for women and men, and specialized treatments in family therapy and life skills. (Stewart. Pg. 1) Elizabeth believed and enforced that no one should feel isolated or alone after prison, and there should be resources to help. After a long hard battle of establishing the resources in prison, women in need become intrigued by the girl’s provincial industrial schools in 1954. (Steward Pg.40). Elizabeth fry association saw the conditions these young girls were in and wanted to create change once again by creating a social rehabilitation for the school. Feminist had fought for this school for forty years but nothing had change. “Nor did it fulfil the promise of its name industrial school” (Stewart, pg. 40). The association noticed that majority of these girls were native. They had…

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