Essay on Elizabeth Bishop 's Poem One Art

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Elizabeth Bishop’s poem “One Art” did not discuss what I was expecting. I thought the poem would be discussing a possible hobby the author enjoys and how she has refined her art. I was stunned to see the poem’s main topic point of loss and how she expresses examples of losses in her life. Bishop has constructed her poem wonderfully by using symbolism, displaying different themes, and how the title exposes multiple in the poem.
When Elizabeth Bishop writes this poem she is in the later stages of life and approximately three years from when she dies, so I picture her sitting down and dwelling over her life. She starts by describing some everyday items that we all lose, so we can relate to what she is discussing. Bishop seems to use personification on some of the objects when she says, “so many things seem filled with the intent/ to be lost that their loss is no disaster” (2-3). I see this as her showing symbolism of all the things she has lost that there are items that will always get lost and it is just inevitable that they will not. As the poem continues the things become more emotional and more than just everyday items. Bishop states, “I lost my mother’s watch” (10). I understand it as she is symbolizing how she once had a relationship with her mother, but now her mom has been long passed away and Bishop wishes for another chance to see her mother. She also reflects on her past houses she has lived in and she has sentimental feelings toward the previous houses. I can…

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