Elizabeth And Henry 's Health, Safety And Environment Essays

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Introduction Elizabeth and Henry are both mangers in the health, safety and environment (HSE) field. They are employed at different companies, but both mange approximately 2,500 employees. For the last four years, Elizabeth and Henry have had their employee’s assess their work site’s safety climate by utilizing the Likert scale that consists of 50 questions with responses ranging one to five. Upon comparing the results from the self-reported survey, Elizabeth and Henry noticed that Elizabeth’s on the job injury and illness rates were substantially better than the industry average and that Henry’s on the job injury and illness rates were worse. It was thought to be that Elizabeth was experiencing under reporting, but that was ruled out. Henry hypothesized that trending analysis indicates that the direct cause of the on the job injury and illness is due to his employees behaviors. However, Elizabeth and Henry’s company safety climate scores are better than the industry average. Henry would like to improve on the job injury and illness rates, so that he can make his work site safer.
Many companies utilize the climate survey questionnaire, so that they can statistically analyze their employee’s stance on their work place environment. When companies employ a questionnaire of this type, they will have the employees answer at least 50 questions on an electronic scanning card (Findley, 2004). The range of subjects that may be asked on a questionnaire include;…

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