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Study of Gifted Person

Introduction A few months ago, my family watched the movie, “Gifted Hands”. Although I had never heard of the movie or the man, Dr. Ben Carson, I found his story and life inspirational. I felt drawn to know more about him. Following the movie, my daughter, Elizabeth, and I goggled Dr. Carson. Since the movie begins with Ben Carson as a poor child who is bullied and made fun of due to his poverty, poor grades in school, and lack of friends, Elizabeth could relate to his insecurities, fears, and anger. As the movie moved through the life of Ben Carson, we saw how he overcame all the obstacles in his life. Through his mother’s strong belief in God and that he and his brother were capable of being very
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During that time, Ben’s mother rented their home in Detroit in order to be able to pay the mortgage each month. Sonya Carson was very careful with her money and saved as much money as she could every month. When Ben was in fifth grade, Sonya Carson had saved enough money for them to move back to Detroit and into their home. Although the move back home was great, the boys realized they were now among the poorer students in their new school. According to Gregg and Deborah Lewis’ book (2002), Ben Carson, “Ben understood so little of what his class in Detroit were studying that he began to believe what the other kids were saying about him, that he was dumb, and he feared his dream of becoming a missionary doctor was out of reach.” (p.20) However, when Ben’s mother realized her sons were struggling and way behind in school, she made drastic changes in the way they spent their free time, requiring the boys to read at least two books a week. She also limited their television time to three shows a week. Clark states (2013), “The change in beliefs, from the limitations of inherited or fixed intelligence to the unlimited possibilities and educable power of interactive intelligence, frees human beings to develop far more of their intellectual potential.” Ben learned to use his imagination as he read and saw himself as the main character. Even if he was reading an encyclopedia, Ben was the one doing the experiment or looking through the microscope. (Ben

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