Essay on Elisabeth Kubler Ross : Death And Dying

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Elisabeth Kubler-Ross was a psychiatrist, a pioneer in near-death studies and the author of several books, her most famous being On Death and Dying. She was born as the oldest of triplets in Switzerland in 1926, and weighing only three pounds, Elisabeth credited her survival to her mother’s provided attention and love. Elisabeth met her husband, Emanuel Robert Ross, at a medical school in Zurich Switzerland and they were married in 1958. The couple moved to America after their graduation to further their careers and later went on to have two children of their own named Kenneth and Barbara. Elisabeth’s life is a reflection of the quest pattern previously studied in class as she is called on a mission, with her dream of becoming a doctor, to assist society in understanding death and the grieving process. Throughout her journey, Elisabeth was faced with numerous challenges, which she was able to work through with the help of her family, patients, and teachers. It can be concluded that although Elisabeth deceased in 2004, her physical journey may have came to an end, but her spirit may forever carry on through her work as she created the five stages of grief, which continue to assist numerous people across the world facing death or dealing with the loss of a loved one.

The Call to her quest began when Elisabeth was placed in a hospital at age five due to pneumonia, where she roomed with a little girl of the same age who was dying. Elisabeth noticed that the girl had no…

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