Eliminating Understatement Of China Coal Mine Essay

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Eliminating Understatement of China Coal Mine Deaths
By Ye Fu
Heavily relied on traditional energy sources, China is the world 's largest miner and consumer of coal. Coal power has been the dominant energy source before P. R. China was established and has been used to fuel the rapid economics development in recent decades. However, a spate of accidents happened every year with large number of injuries have put the spotlight again on Chinese coal industry. Attentions all over the world have been drawn on China coral fatalities. In recent years, measurably improvements on accident prevention have been made by the government. China has announced continuing progress in reducing coal mine loss of life, although doubts remain about death counts and cover-ups in one of the most dangerous industries in the world1. Chinese government announced its coal mining industry transformation plans a few years ago to decline death toll. But scandals on hiding real death fatalities disregarding thousands of labors’ safety are emerging in an endless stream. From analyzing the intention, social effects and the fundamental reasons of such cover-ups, I think the central government should reform their reporting system to prevent downplaying accident death toll in the future.
Even recently, despite efforts by Beijing in adjusting coral mining industries including consolidating coal-mine ownership in fewer hands, understating or hiding real casualty reports still can be revealed. The question is,…

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