Eliminating Athletic Programs For College Programs Essay

1029 Words Dec 8th, 2015 null Page
The athletic programs that colleges have offer great opportunity for students however, it is in interest that we should get rid of those programs in favor of improving the academic curriculum. Eliminating athletic programs can definitely improve the academic curriculum because it will rid a student’s workload but in doing so has more consequences overall. Beginning with colleges losing their soul, their sports team logos. Also losing the huge revenue that sports intake from sporting events, merchandise, etc. Last but not least, eliminating the athletic programs will have dire consequences in scholarships and create more of lack of opportunity for those who can’t afford college or can’t get in with their grades. The elimination of athletic programs in colleges will bring many consequences and problems that we should avoid, thus, we should not eliminate any athletic programs and instead look for alternatives. Students who participate in athletic programs in colleges are faced with an extra workload of sports, clubs, and practices. This hinders the student’s chances of making better grades than those who are not in athletic programs. Students who have scholarships are supposed to maintain a contract that does not allow them to leave their sport without leaving the school. This could lead to an increased number of dropouts in that school because of the huge workload it forces on that particular student. The potential effects are that the schools may receive backlash and suffer…

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