Elie Wiesel : The Greatest Factor Of Life On Earth Essay

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Elie Wiesel was born in 1928 in a small town in Romania. He and his family felt right at home surrounded by a highly populated Jewish community. Wiesel lead a privileged life, centered around education and religion. That is, until the Nazi soldiers came to collect him, along with his family and friends as a teenager. The gathered Jewish people from his community were sent to Auschwitz Concentration Camp where many devastating events took place in the life of Wiesel and thousands of other Jews. Wiesel later moved to do incredible things, surviving the camp, writing dozens of successful poems and books, and becoming a social rights advocate around the world. (Berenbaum, n.p) His course through life influenced all of his writings, and impacted the writings of others. While in Auschwitz, Elie Wiesel experienced many things; human emotion, loss of faith in his religion, and human action, which all influenced his work so greatly, he has become one of the most profound holocaust writers.

Human emotion is the greatest factor of life on earth. The natural instinct of emotion drives people to feel things involuntarily. Human emotion is a huge influence in the writings of Elie Wiesel. In a poem entitled; “The America That I Love” illustrating American Soldiers coming to free that captive Jews in Auschwitz, Wiesel writes: “The American soldiers wept and wept with rage and sadness.” (Wiesel, n.p) Although written in a poetic and unbelievable manner, it did in fact take…

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