Elie Saab Designer Analysis Essay

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Lebanese designer Elie Saab has long been a leading name in haute couture in the Middle East, where his romantic, crystal-encrusted gowns attracted princesses to his Beirut atelier, opened in 1982 when he was just 18 years old. His ready-to-wear line, which launched in 1998 in Milan, heralds the same feminine aesthetic as his couture dresses, with brightly colored silks, chiffons, pearl beading, and embroidered lace. With their Middle Eastern detailing and European sensibility, Saab gowns are also at home on the Hollywood red carpet. Halle Berry famously wore one of Saab’s designs to pick up her Academy Award for Monster Ball in 2002. Many other celebrities have been seen wearing his designs including Rachel McAdams, Mila Kunis,
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Since that day, it is nearly impossible to find a red carpet event without an Elie Saab design being worn. Taylor Swift is one of Saab’s most loyal customers. She has been spotted wearing his designs on multiple occasions on and off the red carpet. Elie Saab’s biggest competitors are Versace and Valentino. All three designers attract a similar clientele with their haute couture gowns. They have similar styles as well, all being very well versed in creating gowns that flatter a woman’s body and show a soft feminine side, but in my opinion Saab is the epitome of femininity. He just completely understands how to create a a breathtakingly beautiful and elegant design. Anyone celebrity wanting to impress on the red carpet with elegant beauty would know to go to Elie Saab. Personally, I have never seen an advertisement for Elie Saab designs but I am always blown away at his gowns on the red carpet. His knowledge of the female figure and how to flatter it is amazing. His gowns always cut in at exactly the right spot to make every woman look beautiful. The market segment Saab is definitely missing out on is the middle class however. In a way, this doesn’t really matter because most of his designs, and the ones he is most famous for


are his haute couture gowns, which not many people other than celebrities or high-status socialites have a reason for wearing. One way I would remedy this

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