Elephant Conservation Essay

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Archie, E. A. & Chiyo, P. I. (2012), Elephant behaviour and conservation: social relationships, the effects of poaching, and genetic tools for management. Molecular Ecology, 21: 765–778.

Researchers studied the effects of poaching in elephants social groups to determine the social, behavioral, and fitness consequences in elephant populations affected by poaching. They discovered that elephants form tights social bonds with their core groups, and while elephants are fission-fusion social animals, when male elephants are taken from the group due to poaching females are forced to find a new social group and form social bonds. This sometimes results in females have weaker social bonds, higher stress hormone levels, lower pairwise genetic
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Our project is about the effects of poaching and elephant conservation, and this article will help our group explain that poaching doesn’t just reduce the amount of older, more dominant male elephants, but that it also affects female social adaptation, reproductive success, and genetic …show more content…
The corruption is strong and the system to protect them is weak. The organizations that are used to protect these beautiful creatures are just as vulnerable. Regardless of the efforts put forth to stop ivory hunting is not enough. Several things influence African elephant 's’ decline such as poaching land use, and human population increasing rapidly. Elephants often hear gunshots and know that they are being poached in there nearby human surroundings, which causes them only to come out during midnight hours. There are barely any safe habitats for elephants, and if so they are limited. These protected environments that are supposed to exist are few. Many solutions have been provided to help conservation such as protected environments and legislation to get laws to stop poaching, but none have been put into serious effect because they either require too much time or too much management. The influence poaching has on elephants is that it alters the surviving number, reproductive rate of elephants that do survive, gender ratios etc. Plus, increased contact humans have with these elephants allows there to be conflict. Elephants are surrounded by humans and are forced to find new habitats because their lands have been domesticated by another species. Elephants should feel safe and be preserved in the habitats that they

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