Essay about Elements of Success

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Elements of Success
Sal Torres
October 2, 2013
Gabby Schweitzer

Elements of Success For marketers, the four P’s or the “elements of a marketing mix” is known as studying the right product, putting that product in the right place, at the right price, in the right manner. In simplest terms, the four P’s is as followed: product, place, price, and promotion. Implementing all four P’s can mean success for an organization. To the Hawaii Department of Education, executing each element precisely without mendaciousness is the difference between mediocrity and exceeding expectations. Even though Hawaii’s public school system graduate majority of their students, something needs to happen with the fraudulent spending going on to
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A place that condones violence and promotes chaos would not be the right place to encourage education. An ideal place would be well ordered, maintained, safe facility where it is quiet majority of the year. For this very reason, location, location, location, is just as important as the other P’s in the marketing mix. Price Price is what you give to get a good or service. Price is often the most flexible out of the four P’s. Always change depending on the demand and supply of a good or service. If a price is set too high, you may weaken the demand for your offerings. If a price is set too low, businesses will not make a reasonable profit. By knowing this notion, you can see how important price is to an organization. It is a company’s competitive weapon and if used wisely, it can maximize profits for the firm’s good or service. When marketers deal with education, price is the amount of funding the government allows the school to operate with. With a greater demand to place more students, the government will provide bigger annual budgets. Here price takes a slight turn when government funds are spent frivolously keeping students from reaching their full potential. Teachers being allowed to claim mileage just to drive to school or dropping their own children off in an out of the way school before coming to work takes extra dollars away from employing key staff positions. Creating a seal

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