Elements Of The Word Phonemic Elements Essay

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Another component of analyzing invented spelling is breaking down phonics in each word. To analyze break this words down we look at the word phonemic elements. Cole did a fantastic job using these elements in his writing. The first word I looked at was “rokitchip”. This is how Cole phonemically spelled out rocket ship. The phonemic element he used in this word is consonant blends with the letters ch. Consonant blends are mixing two consonants together to make a new sound that combines their unique sounds. Cole intended to make the sound sh, but used ch instead. I labeled this use at attempting consonant blending. Cole had the right idea, but was not quite able to connect the correct letters to make the right sound. The next word was “won” which was intended to be one. He used the phonemic element of short vowels in this word with the letter o. He used this letter element correctly so I categorized this element as accomplished. Cole used the phonemic element of vowel digraphs when spelling the word “day”. This element combines vowels to make one sound. Cole used the letters ay to make a long a sound in the word day. Cole accomplished this element without any issues. Cole used consonant digraphs when spelling the word those as “thos”. Consonant digraph means to mix two consonants together to make a new sound. Cole combined t and h to make th. He accomplished this element by combining the letters correctly. The next element was long vowel with a silent e. Cole attempted this…

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