Elements Of Retaining Top Talent At The Organizational Level Essay

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“Less than a year ago, companies were scrambling to find and keep great employees. With the slowing economy, however, recruiting and hiring top talent has moved down the list of most organization 's priorities, and there is a growing complacency about keeping current employees” (Brannick, 2001). The aforementioned citation imparts an expansive overview into the principal objective of this module two session long project (SLP) assignment. As, this essay will be primarily focusing on various elements of retaining top talent at the organizational level. Henceforth, this succinct paper will commence initiation by expanding upon an individual approach for preserving top talent.
While, some employees may consider salary, benefits, and sick leave/vacation time as a top priority as part of their rational in joining a particular organization. It is not necessarily one of the top reasons an ideal employee would remain with a company. Therefore, an organization may consider generating a framework that utters to their top performers that the company truly views them as a great asset. Ergo, management should consult with such employees when the organization is perhaps seeking to create or modify organizational policy regarding certain business functions. Thus, their top talent will feel a sense of great belonging and an impression that management truly values their opinions as it relates to company issues. Hence, such employees may be more compelled to remain with the…

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