Essay about Elements of Religious Traditions

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Elements of Religious Traditions
Beth Maldonado
REL/ 133
July 23, 2012
Astrid Fiano

Elements of Religious Traditions
Religion is the most volatile and controversial word in the world. When people say the word [religion] they are invoking a strong batch of feelings, beliefs, and traditions that people are so connected to it that they are willing to die for it. Religion is a complicated system of beliefs, ideas, doctrines, ethics all proselytized by a complex system of structures and organizations. However, complicated religion may be, there are strong structural similarities between the majority of religions and some that are universal. These similar structures within religions around the world indicate that religion has the same
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Both Catholic and Eastern Orthodox alike believe in the religious traditions invoked in the Christian Bible. They both recognize at least seven Sacraments or Mysteries: The Eucharist, Baptism, Confirmation or Christmation, Ordination, Penance, Marriage, and Holy Oil for the sick. Both churches practice and adhere to the Sabbath and the ritual of Christ’s Mass or what we call Christmas. All of these similarities try to provide for people some form of answers to the unknown in particular death. The seven Sacraments mentioned above are all rituals or practices that are thought to ensure the entrance into heaven if they are followed and practiced. These Sacraments along with the Ten Commandments found in Exodus and introduced by Moses should be the way for a person to get into the “Kingdom of God,” It is through strict adherence to these two teachings are strong staples of these two churches; they are the defining ideology or dogma of these churches, and this religion.
Despite their large overarching similarities, there are strong differences in their practices of Christianity. The biggest and most controversial of all their differences is in what they both practice when it comes to the Sacrament of Confirmation or what they call the confirming of “Chrism” or the Holy Ghost. This is the acceptance of the Christ into the body but whereas Roman Catholics first baptize for original sin and have to go

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