Elementary Vs. Secondary Education Essays

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Elementary and secondary education are both learning environments with students and faculty of all ages, ethnicities, shapes and sizes. Hallways are filled with students laughing and talking about trending topics, what they’ll be doing later that day and what they plan on eating. The students meet and talk to strangers who soon become their best friends and whom they share their laughs and secrets with. They deal with new subjects that are new to the mind and stress on the hard work it requires. The children grow as students and value the true meaning of an education and what it has to offer. It appears as elementary and secondary schools are the same thing, but they are profoundly different in terms of different teaching styles. The similarities may vary depending on the age, group, or level. All teachers face and see new things every day, but there’s more situations and behaviors that teachers deal with as an elementary school teacher, making secondary teachers/schools a better learning and growing environment. Incoming teachers are unaware of the different behaviors they will be dealing with. Teachers who are funny and unperturbed will allow students to behave more tranquil. But what if a teacher isn’t “cool”, will the students behave more intolerable? Either way-regardless of the teacher’s attitude-elementary schools are just another place for children to kick and scream outside of their homes because their parents don’t allow it at home (although some sixth graders…

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