Elementary Vs. Middle School Essay

774 Words Nov 6th, 2015 4 Pages
Life as a child is easy, they have fun, play with friends, learn the basics in school, and have no worries. As a child grow up, like we once had, we see images that inspire us to become who we want to be. When I was six, I have seen many photos and videos of Space. Knowing how we have the technology to create and build shuttles to launch people in space, and being able to see the world from above amazed me. As the years passed, so did my age, I slowly began to realize what life truly is. It’s not just about imagining to become who we want to be, but by working hard to achieve our major goals in life.
During my school years, Elementary was fun, students have the privilege to play outside and have a peaceful time. Middle school, however, wasn’t always the best. Comparing both Elementary and Middle schools together are far apart. While my years in elementary is more peaceful, middle school was terrible. The students in Middle school seemed to be aggressive based on what I saw. Bloody fights would occur in the school locker room, tobacco cans were found in bushes, and excessive writings were found in bathroom walls (either making jokes, teasing a student, or making fun of a teacher). Bullies were an issue to a few students, several bullies were ignorant enough to judge on what shoes a student is wearing, or the way how they dress. Knowing how rude the students are in middle school frustrated me, but I don’t not understand why a student care how another dresses, it’s none of…

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