Elementary Toy Test Result

Register to read the introduction… It can cause serious medical conditions, such as, hearing loss, learning disabilities, physical growth retardation and neurological damage. Lead gathers in the body quickly and increases at a fast pace if it exceeds federal guidelines.
Children because of their size are more susceptible to lead poisoning than an adult. Children are curious by nature and often place themselves in danger without realizing it. Children often investigate by touching, placing objects in their mouths and then sharing with others. These actions can cause lead poisoning to occur.
Although the cost to replace the whistle is considerable, this is a small price in the long run. Our company will retain customers by providing customer satisfaction by replacing the faulty whistle. This will also save the company money in costly legal fees by facing our responsibilities now.
Our company needs to ensure that we have identified all involved when considering our options. It would be remiss of our company to not consider the parents, dealers, and stakeholders with an interest in the company.
Parents—trust our company to produce products that are
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We need to be socially responsible and have strong relationships with our employees, vendors, customers, and investors. Longevity is everything in business and by following these rules, our company will have vendors, customers, investors and employees who want to be there and not forced to be there.
Moral, ethical, and responsibility are keywords within my own personal mantra. I believe striving to be morally, ethically and socially responsible helps have a positive impact on business and personal endeavors. These traits provide positive contributions both in business and society.
I believe our company has strong moral and ethical values. Thus, we cannot allow this shipment to proceed. This would be hypocrisy and go against not only my own beliefs but the company’s code of ethics. I understand the cost is considerable to replace the toy, but by replacing the whistle we have an increased positive impact in our own company, customer base, investors, and employees. Finally, we are showing social responsibility and will set a standard in our industry as a leader. We cannot be a leader by taking unnecessary risks children’s lives.

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